Villa in Tepe, Alanya

Tepe is a scenic area, which is located a few minutes away from the busy city. Here you can find villas with fantastic views of both the sea and the mountains. If you dream of living in a quiet and beautiful area where you can enjoy nature and at the same time have easy access to the city, then Tepe is a good choice.

Villa for sale in Tepe, Alanya

Why Tepe, Alanya?


The Tepe district of Alanya is highly sought-after. It is located only minutes away from Alanya city centre and is considered an elite location to own a home. Tepe means hill in Turkish and this name refers to the area being higher above sea level, which makes it a perfect location for a villa with vast panoramic views of Alanya. Even on the hottest summer days, there is a unique refreshing breeze here, again because it is above sea level.

There are local restaurants and cafes in the district. Shops are only a few minutes down the road. All locations in Alanya are easy to access from the Tepe area. 

In the Tepe area you will find yourself surrounded by nature, pine trees, and green hills. The area is well developed yet still posesses the purity of nature. 

Views of Alanya

Villas in the Tepe area offer spectacular panoramic sea views of the Mediterranean Sea and views of the famous Taurus Mountains. You will see many parasailors and parachutes from your balcony. The castle views are magnificent at night with the castle walls all lit up. 


Many locals working in the city centre wish to live in a quiter area near the city. Tepe area posseses all these things. Families with children may opt to live in spacious villas with beautiful green gardens and perhaps a pool. Most homes have private garages. A lot of high-end residential projects are located in this area. 

 A cozy and very idyllic neighborhood, Tepe is the area to live in style!