Buy property in Alanya

Buy property in Alanya, Turkey

Your dream of buying a home in Alanya can be realized through us. Oasis Estate is a certified and registered Danish real estate agent in Alanya with many years of experience. We offer a wide and varied selection of apartments for sale, villas for sale and penthouses for sale in Alanya, Turkey. We will assist you in getting an overview, and easily guide you through the selection of the perfect home abroad for you and your family. We are recognised as one of the best estate agencies in Alanya and we assure all clients to live up to our name, by offering top quality service with a holistic outview. 

With a property abroad comes a lot of responsibilities and practical things:

  • Registration of electricity and water.
  • Creating a bank account.
  • Creating automatic payment.
  • Payment of property tax.
  • Registration at the municipality.
  • Underwriting of insurance.

Again, we will be at your service. With our free home service, we make sure that your property purchase in Alanya, Turkey remains a joy. While you are enjoying a boat trip or a dip in the Mediterranean, we will be arranging e.g. payment of your property tax or pickup of your insurance. Oasis Estate just makes it easier!

Buy property in Alanya, Turkey

Before buying a property in Alanya, there are several things you should be aware of. Many things are different in Turkey, and it is not always easy to see through. The country's eternal struggle to adapt to EU rules means frequent changes, but we have the great overview and will guide you through the purchase of property in Turkey. Oasis Estate helps as a real estate agent to clarify all paperwork issues, to ensure a smooth process. We make sure to book time at the deed office and arrange all communication with the seller. In many cases, we even arrange everything by proxy, while you may have traveled back home again, or just enjoying a little vacation in Alanya.

When taking over the property itself, we review any deficiencies and make sure our craftsmen handle the repairs before you move in. Even after the purchase and move-in, our team is ready to help all our customers with:

  • Maintenance
  • Rebuilding
  • Renovation
  • Painting assignments etc.
  • Replacement of kitchen or bath

Rules for buying a home in Turkey 

The rules for buying property in Alanya, Turkey, is a little different than in the EU. As mentioned above, the rules change frequently. New restrictions often happen, but all only with the intention of securing the buyer as well as the seller. E.g. it is no longer possible to transfer the deed without a certified and registered broker present. On the other hand, Danes need e.g. no longer a residence permit, to buy property in Turkey. So, in general, it has become easier to invest in Turkey. The rules have become clearer and easier to follow than before.

Special restrictions apply in:

  • Rural areas *
  • military zones *
  • protected areas *

* There are no restrictions on the properties we are marketing.

In addition, Turkey is a country with high inflation, and tax regulations therefore happen up to several times a year! This applies in particular to the regulation of electricity and water prices, which unfortunately can increase from month to month. However, inflation is generally around 10-15% each year.

Buy apartment in Alanya, Turkey

An apartment in Alanya is a good investment if you are into sun, summer and hospitable people. But before buying an apartment in Turkey, consider the following:

  • Location.
  • Size.
  • Facilities.
  • Maintenance.
  • Costs.
  • Beach? Pool? Both?
  • Neighbors.
  • Year-round or summer home?
  • Yearly fees.

There are many considerations and decisions that need to be made before an actual purchase can be realized. We assist along the way and are happy to present more options. We introduce you to the different areas and help you select the area that suits your needs and desires in the best way. We repeat this process until the selection has been cut down to just a few apartments. Then the actual negotiation process begins with the seller. In most cases, the sale by power of attorney is often arranged by a deposit account in the bank. This ensures both seller and buyer are secured, and Oasis Estate ensures as a mediator that the transaction takes place in accordance with law and order.

We have a large selection of apartments in Alanya.

Buy penthouse apartment in Alanya

If you want a view and plenty of space, look for penthouse apartments for sale in Alanya with a view. This type of apartment often has full or partial sea and / or mountain views. Some even 180-degree views, giving exquisite opportunity to enjoy both shade and sun. Penthouse apartments are also an advantage if the family is large or you just love to have guests.

Usually, a penthouse apartment is the top apartment in the building. Most penthouse apartments in Alanya consist of two levels. Ground floor is often furnished, like a completely ordinary apartment with kitchen, bedrooms and toilet. The top floor often has an additional living room, some even an additional kitchen as well as roof terraces in different directions. There are penthouse apartments all over Alanya and the selection is wide.

We have a large selection of penthouse apartments in Alanya.

Buy villa in Alanya

Finding a villa for sale in Alanya, Turkey, is not difficult. The selection is large and wide, but how do you secure yourself the best way? What pitfalls should you be aware of? As with any other property purchase, there are many issues to consider. When buying a villa, however, it is especially important to choose the right area and a construction of quality that has the references in order.

In addition to the location, considerations such as:

  • Pool and pool service.
  • Garden and care of this.
  • Need for caretaker and gardener.
  • Garage for car or rental car.

Villas and villa parks can be found in the areas:

We have selected all our items carefully and are 100% behind everything we market. We have a large selection of villas in Alanya.