Sell Your Property

Sell your property

Are you considering selling your property in Alanya, Turkey? Does the process seem confusing or perhaps you haven't got the opportunity to meet up and settle the sale? A property sale can take the breath away from most people - especially if we talk about selling properties abroad. With our many years of experience, we offer full assistance and guidance. In the article below, you can get the most necessary information about selling a property abroad. Of course, you are always welcome to contact us and get a free and non-binding sales assessment of your property.

Get a free sales assessment of your property

We always make an assessment of your property based on the area's popularity, distance to the beach, views and our experience from sales of similar properties in the same area. After reviewing both our and the seller's expectations, a sales agreement is made on the sale of the property, and the sales process begins by preparing sales material of the property.

Free sales assessment.

The sales process

First of all, we start by sharing the new property with the potential customers we have in our buyer directory as well as to our network of agents. This way, we ensure that the property receives maximum exposure immediately. In addition to this, we do marketing on our own sales pages in 5 different countries, and ads on online media in several different countries.

Sales channels

We have a large network of local real estate agents as well as sales agents around the world, so our properties for sale cater specifically to our main markets:

  • Denmark
  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • Finland
  • Germany
  • Netherlands
  • Russia

In addition to this, we also do marketing of our properties to customers from the Middle East.

Sold or free

We work from the concept of sold or free. Thus, we only take payment for the property sale on the day we sell your property. Photographing the property, preparing sales material and our marketing is completely free.

Secure trade

We check all documents on the property you wish to buy in order to ensure that all issues on the property have been implemented legally. We also always check whether there are any debt items in the property that need to be removed before a deed transfer.

When trading from Dane to Dane, we usually arrange the trade in Denmark with a deposit account, where the purchase price is only released when the buyer has received a remark-free deed.

What can Oasis Estate do for you?

Through a long-standing network, Oasis Estate has created a large selection of both resale homes, newer projects and project constructions.

If you know your wishes, share it with your Oasis Estate broker, and we will find the properties on the market that exactly match your wishes.

Stress-free purchase

When you buy a property through Oasis Estate, we hold your hand all the way through all the processes that need to be completed. If you do not want to waste your holidays with the practical tasks that are part of a property sale, you can submit a power of attorney to us, and we will complete the entire transaction as well as all the paperwork behind it.

We make sure that the buyer has a bank account where automatic payment of internet, water and electricity payments can be easily made. In addition to this, we also help with:

  • Record of insurance on the home.
  • coordination of craftsmen and the like

How do we help after the purchase?

Our after sale service means that Oasis Estate freely helps all our customers coordinating following:

In short, we are your partner in Alanya, Turkey who can help you solve any challenges that may arise.

Oasis Estates service package is completely free for all our customers!