Apartments for sale in Alanya, Turkey

Are you dreaming of an apartment by the Mediterranean? Lots of sun, beach and warm summer evenings? Or maybe mild winters without snow and sleet? Let's find your dream home together! We have a wide selection of apartments in all the popular areas like Oba, Tosmur, Bektas, Tepe, Mahmutlar etc.
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Apartments for sale in Alanya

Before buying an apartment in Alanya, Turkey, it is important to select the perfect area. Then the house hunting kicks off!

There are several things to take into account:

  • City life or idyllic nature?
  • Nightlife or morning workout?
  • View or walking distance?
  • Car rental or walking?
  • pool or beach?

Or do several of the things have equal priority? The good news is that Alanya, despite its population of approx. 300,000, is not a city with great distances. Overall, there are good transportation options all over the city and its districts. Of course, one has to assess which things have the highest priority. As an old saying goes, you can not have it all - however, it gets close here in the pearl of the Mediterranean, Alanya.

To make the search for housing easier, we have tried to outline the different areas and their facilities, including:

Apartment in Oba in Alanya

Here we have one of the most popular areas in all of Alanya! With an apartment in Oba, you live nice family friendly close to both beach and town. The district is neither large nor unmanageable. All facilities and buildings are within walking distance otherwise there are buses everywhere.

Oba offers activities for everyone:

  • child-friendly beaches about 2 km.
  • Alanyum shopping center
  • Metro wholesale market
  • a wide selection of restaurants. Everything from the classic Turkish cuisine to exquisite gourmet places in the highest class.
  • Entertaining nightlife, such as smaller bars and parties in the restaurants.
  • Beach Clubs along the seafront.

Every Monday there is a fruit and vegetable market with everything the heart may desire. You can even get freshly baked pancakes (gözleme) and fresh orange juice.

Oba is just 3 km from the city center.

Apartment in Cikcilli

With an apartment in Cikcilli, you live in the middle of a rapid development! From your apartment you will be able to see a lively vigor throughout the day. The district borders right on the industrial district. Therefore you will find a wide selection of shops and restaurants:

  • wide selection of supermarkets.
  • local shops.
  • local breakfasts.

Apartment at the castle

From your apartment you will have beautiful views of Alanya's most historic area as well as the sea. The area exudes history and nostalgia. You will be able to walk on the ancient castle wall. Enjoy a delicious dinner at one of the cozy restaurants. Summer and winter you can enjoy the beautiful sunsets and sunrises.

Lively and extremely lively neighborhood:

  • Turks and foreigners living all year round.
  • Castle Museum.
  • Restaurants and cafes.

Direct cable car to and from The Cleopatra Beach.

Apartment in Tepe

Very special area! Even on the hottest summer days, there is a unique refreshing breeze here. With an apartment here, you live nicely green slightly elevated above the city's hectic life. You have rippling springs and orchards in the backyard. A cozy and very idyllic neighborhood. There are a few grocery stores, but the area does not have a city center with a larger selection of stores.

There are not many apartments in Tepe. The area consists mainly of detached villas and villa parks.

Tepe is only 3 km from the center.

Apartment in Bektaş

This quiet and peaceful area is known for full view of:

  • Alanya by.
  • Borgklippen.
  • Mediterranean Sea.
  • The beautiful coastline.
  • is characterized by smaller hillsides and countless villa constructions.

Here you live privately with a beautiful view of the sea. However, the dip must be enjoyed in the pool.

Bektaş is approximately 7 km from the city center.

Penthouse apartment in Tosmur

With an apartment in Tosmur, you live right in between the beach and exquisite green nature of the Turkish mountains. Tosmur has become a really popular area during the recent years. It is a small neighborhood located at the mouth of Alanya's famous river Dim Çay. In summer, everyone comes from near and far, to be cooled down in the ice cold mountain water of the river.

The district offers:

  • weekly fruit and vegetable market.
  • countless grocery stores.
  • picnic and barbecue areas.
  • large selection of water sports activities.
  • Dim Çay river.
  • 1 km. long beach.

The need to visit Alanya center is minimal. Only the colorful nightlife of Alanya might be tempting. A short trip of only 5 km.

Apartment in Kestel

A newer neighborhood close to Alanya Alaaddin Keykubat University. An area in constant development. The streets are marked by young students and local farmers. New construction characterizes the entire neighborhood. New shops and restaurants open monthly. A special area with its very own character. The place where old and new meet.

With an apartment in Kestel you will have a view of:

  • fruit and vegetable plantations.
  • the sea and the mountains.
  • old low farm buildings.
  • new tall luxury constructions.

You will be able to enjoy:

  • modern restaurants like sushi, thai etc.
  • modern cafes.
  • quite a short distance to the water.
  • Brand new infrastructure.

Kestel is 8 km from the city center.

Apartment with view in Mahmutlar

With an apartment in Mahmutlar you live more than 11 km from the center of Alanya. Throughout the years, the district has formed its own small center. Today, there are almost all kinds of shops here:

  • major well-known clothing stores.
  • food chains.
  • wide selection of restaurants and coffee shops.
  • local shops and artisans.

This popular area is characterized by:

  • incredibly tall luxury constructions some with up to 12 floors.
  • long sandy beaches next 4 km.
  • well-functioning infrastructure.

The development in the district is marked by the many tourists. Especially the Russian guests have preferred this neighborhood for years.

Local buses run several times an hour into the center of Alanya.

Apartment in Kargicak

One of the most popular residential areas in the entire Alanya region. As a homeowner in Kargicak, you live approx. 15 km from Alanya city center. Local buses run several times an hour daily. The surroundings are a mix of agriculture and villa parks. There are still many fine plots of land. This provides ample opportunity to build your dream home right here.

You will have great views of:

  • the entire coastline
  • the beautiful hilly terrain
  • Alanya and all the districts
  • the mountains

Larger purchases, etc. can be made in the center of Mahmutlar. The district is only 30 km from Gazipaşa Airport. Upon your arrival you will have almost half an hour's drive.

Apartment in Konaklı

This district is located on the outskirts of Alanya on the Antalya side of the city. For decades, this area has consisted of luxury hotels and oasis-like resorts. On the few remaining plots of land, exquisite luxury complexes have been built over time - especially villas. With a villa or apartment in Konaklı, you live very close to the Mediterranean.

Despite most life in the summer period, thanks to the locals, a smaller town center has emerged over the years. The district offers:

  • larger shopping centers.
  • outlet center, which especially the pilgrim tourists appreciate.
  • Turkish restaurants.
  • Grocery chains.
  • local shops.

The area is especially known for its large nightclub Club Summer Garden. Here you can party until the bright morning.

Buses run daily to Alanya city center several times an hour. Konaklı is 13 km from the city center.

Apartment by The Cleopatra Beach

An apartment by the Cleopatra Beach is very popular, and for good reason. With an apartment by the Cleopatra Beach, you live right up and down one of the very best beaches in the Mediterranean. The crystal clear water, the fine sand and the blue flag are highly sought after.

All facilities within walking distance including:

  • supermarkets.
  • fruit and vegetable traders.
  • restaurants of all kinds.
  • clothing, gold and shoe stores.
  • cafes and coffee shops.
  • water park / Aquapark.
  • tourist attractions; Historical Museum, stalactite cave, etc.
  • Cleopatra beaches.
  • Damlataş Beaches.
  • Beach promenade.
  • Movie theater.
  • Park area.

When buying an apartment on The Cleopatra Beach, you have bought a real gem and made a really good investment - especially if you are lucky enough to have a view of the blue waves and the long sandy beaches.

Cleopatra Beach is located in the western part of Alanya Center.

Apartment in Avsallar

This popular tourist and beach holiday area, located on the western side of Alanya, is especially sought after by Russians, who enjoy the luxury hotels and the quiet sandy beaches almost all year round. With an apartment here, you have chosen to settle in peaceful surroundings with your own small mini summer town as the center.

The area offers:

  • shopping opportunities.
  • smaller supermarkets / kiosks.
  • souvenir shops.

The area is characterized by:

  • lemon and orange plantations.
  • luxury hotels.
  • newer residential buildings.
  • green areas all the way down to the very edge of the beach.
  • picnic areas.

Avsallar is located 25 km from Alanya city center.

Apartment in City Center

Alanya center offers everything the heart could desire and that within walking distance. With an apartment in the center, you do not mind neighbourly relations, traffic early in the morning and music until late in the evening. In the center you live close and Turkish wise. You might greet the neighbor from the balcony and dinner can be ordered from the local restaurant at the entrance of the building.

Alanya is a city in constant development and the selection increases in line with demand. The many tourists and students in particular have helped to give the city center its wide selection.


  • beaches.
  • restaurants and cafes.
  • nightclubs.
  • purchasing opportunities.
  • branded goods and specialty stores.
  • dance schools, courses and teaching places.
  • tourist attractions.
  • countless beauty clinics.
  • kindergartens and schools.
  • etc.