Airport Transfer Alanya

Airport Transfer Alanya, Antalya, Gazipasa, Turkey

Oasis Estate arranges airport transfers for all our customers and any guests when needed. All you have to do is notify us a few days before your arrival or departure. Transfers provided by Oasis Estate are private transfers driven by our own certified transfer company using fully insured modern vehicles.

Gazipaşa Airport

Transfer for 1 - 4 person
40 €
Transfer for 5 - 8 person
50 €

Antalya Airport

Transfer for 1 - 4 person
60 €
Transfer for 5 - 8 person
75 €



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  Alanya Gazipaşa Airport

Gazipaşa Airport is an international airport in Turkey. It is located approx. 45 min. drive from Alanya. The airport was completed in 1999. However, it didn’t come into use before 10 years later in 2009. The runway was simply not long enough! Neither for larger passenger planes nor the international planes!

Gazipasa international flights

In 2013, the company TAV Airports Holding extended the runway to the required 2,500 meters. In July of the same year, the first regular international flights started.

News about Gazipaşa airport

It was a tough fight that went on for years. The airport was constantly mentioned in the news due to the short runway. It also sounds completely insane to construct a runway that cannot service passenger aircraft over 150 pers. However, this is due to the Turkish nature. Since there was nothing less than a mountain in the way!

Gazipasa direct flights

Today, the runway is extended beyond the highway almost all the way to the coastline. The airport has daily domestic and international departures. During the summer, there are direct flights to Alanya from most of Europe and Russia. In the winter, however, the flights go over Istanbul.

The airport in brief facts:

  • capacity of 500,000 passengers.
  • 2144 m2 terminal.
  • Parking space with a capacity of 150 cars.
  • 40 km from Alanya Center.
  • airport buses + transfer.
  • offers a small cafe before check-in.
  • duty-free.
  • domestic and foreign departures




         Antalya Airport

Antalya International Airport is located about 2 hours’ drive from Alanya. This airport was originally built for military use in the 1960ies. Turkish Airlines began operating its scheduled flights to international traffic in 1985. Construction of the first international terminal of the airport started in 1996 by Bayındır Holding and this terminal was put into service in April 1998.

Antalya international flight

To manage the intensifying international passenger traffic of the region, Çelebi Holding-IC Holding started construction of the second international terminal in May 2004. This terminal became operational in April 2005.

This Airport is the first airport terminal company performing a build-operator-carry over model in Turkey. This means several different operators have been operating over time from Fraport-IC to Bayındır Holding to IC İçtaş and finally to TAV Airports – all on fixed-term contracts.

Antalya Airport Reward

The airport was awarded the "Best Airport in Europe" in the "10-25 million passengers" category in 2011 by the Airports Council International.

The airport in brief facts:

  • 3 Runways;
    • 3,400m × 45m
    • 2,990m × 45m
    • 3,400m × 45m
  • Operator: Fraport TAV Antalya Airport
  • Numbers of terminals:
    • International Terminal 1
    • International Terminal 2
    • Domestic Terminal
  • total area of 168.000 m²
  • Total number of passengers in 2017 is 26.346.068.   
  • Parking space with a capacity of 2000 cars.
  • Airport busses and transfers
  • Taxfree
  • Cafes and restaurants before and after check-in.