Step by Step

Step by Step

Once you have decided to buy a property in Alanya, Turkey, following steps need to be carried out. Oasis Estate will throughout the entire process assist and guide you in order to make everything as easy as possible.

  1. Signing of purchase agreement
  2. Request for tax number at the local tax office
  3. Establishment of a power of attorney at the Notary Public*
  4. Oasis Estate initiates the official formalities

            ● Application for military permission at the Land registry Office

            ● Application for the title deed (TAPU)

  5. After the application has been approved the TAPU will be transferred into your name.
  6. Official registration of water and electricity meters. 
  7. Establishment of bank account for automatic payment of electricity, water, internet, landline etc.    
  8. Establishment of insurance according to the customer's needs, values ​​and the specific property.


*A power of attorney is not necessary or in any way required to conduct a purchase of a property. This authorisation eases the procedure so that the customer does not have to be present at the respective authorities.